Sunday, May 18, 2008

You can still play poker online - legally!

So it's been a 18 months since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Ban was passed. However millions of US based players are still playing poker online.

Are they doing this illegally?

The simple answer is no.

The law only stops financial institutions from conducting transactions with gambling or poker sites. This has made it a lot more difficult to fund your account, and most poker sites who were based in the US have stopped accepting US players.

However some big sites have stayed open, and there are still ways to get money into your account.

This site has a complete list of all sites which still accept US players and also details of how you can fund your account. I try and update it weekly so all the information should be up to date.

There's also some great news for Online Poker with the return of Doyle's Room to the American market.

Doyle's Room will hopefully be the first of many large poker sites to return to the US scene and we hope you can support their bravery in taking a stand by depositing and playing a few games. See below for a review of this site.


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